Students reviewing their tuition bill may notice $4 per semester going towards a “green fee.” A new promotional video from the Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee (RESPC), a branch of student government that implements renewable energy and energy efficiency projects around campus, explains how this fee is allocated, and how it’s one of many organizations that contribute to campus as a living learning laboratory for sustainability.

Since inception in 2003, when UNC students first voted to add the green fee to tuition, the student-run fund has provided over a million dollars for some 50 projects related to energy efficiency, education, and renewables. Past projects include: the Student Union solar array to supply a portion of the building’s energy use and dashboard of real-time energy generation information; solar umbrellas to generate electricity for USB ports; and LED lighting upgrades. A full list of projects demonstrates the long-lasting impact of the funding.

RESPC funding and programming not only benefits the campus, but students as well. Learning about renewable energy technologies, life cycle analysis, grant writing, and project management prepares students with new skills. And collaborating with different departments, faculty, and professionals gives students the opportunity to prepare for future careers. Read more»

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