The What’s in the Water Show

May 8, 2017

UNC Marine Sciences’ Dr. Piehler has been studying the water quality in Lake Mattamuskeet, and the lake’s murky water is a good indicator of the problems it faces. It is hard for light to penetrate the lake’s murky water, which … Continued

Beyond City Limits

May 8, 2017

North Carolina has the third highest proportion of population relying on well water, which can be contaminated and lead to gastrointestinal illnesses, neurological disorders, and reproductive issues. Many majority black neighborhoods are excluded from the “well-funded” municipal system including 3,800 … Continued

UNC Best Workplace for Commuters 2017

March 22, 2017

UNC was named a Best Workplace for Commuters for 2017. This recognition was given to five universities from North Carolina and only 27 throughout the country. 23% of employees commute to the campus via public transit, while over 10% rideshare, … Continued

‘Time for Innovation’

March 22, 2017

The 4th annual NC Clean Tech Summit took place March 2-3 at the UNC Friday Center. The conference brought together over 1,000 business leaders, policy makers, government officials, academics, and students for discussion, panels, mentoring, and networking to encourage leadership … Continued

IE forges joint venture with U.S. Forest Service

January 25, 2017

UNC’s Institute for the Environment and the US Forest Service have established a joint venture aimed at stimulating innovative solutions to major environmental problems. The partnership will be based in the Institute for the Environment’s headquarters in Chapel Hill bringing … Continued

Climate Change Might Make Birds Mis-Time Their Migrations

January 25, 2017

Birds species’ migration routes are based on where they have found areas of rich vegetation and an adequate food supply, however, climate change is altering the timing of these conditions. According to Allen Hurlbert, associate professor with the University of … Continued

A Quiet Hunger, Triangle Seniors Without Food

December 13, 2016

North Carolina is among the top ten states with high rates of senior food insecurity. According to the UNC School of Government, food insecurity, which refers to not having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable and nutritious food, … Continued