CSE is the news

February 9, 2009
The Center for Sustainable Enterprise at the Kenan-Flagler Business School got another nod this past week in the Shreveport Times. -Brian Cain, Research & Outreach Manager, UNC Sustainability Office  CSE is the newsRead More »

Energy conservation by comparison

February 6, 2009
Last April, Sacramento Municipal Utility District began testing a a very interesting, and potentially very effective, behavior modification program to promote energy conservation. In short, randomly selected customers receive an energy bill that directly compares their energy usage to those of 100 homes of similar size AND 20 neighbors energy-efficient…  Energy conservation by comparisonRead More »

“Renewable Energy Fee” on the student ballot!

February 5, 2009
BREAKING NEWS: Last night, Student Congress approved the motion to place the $4/semester “renewable energy fee” on next week’s student elections ballot for renewal! They also approved wording that would expanding reach of approved projects to include energy efficiency projects – something that is just as important in reducing UNC’s…  “Renewable Energy Fee” on the student ballot!Read More »

Build a Sustainable House

February 5, 2009
My Sust. House is a great interactive way to learn about building materials and their environmental impact! The game features short video clips about building materials and environmentally friendly habits that will help you save energy around the house. Then you get a budget and have to choose all your…  Build a Sustainable HouseRead More »
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UNC investing millions in landfill gas project

February 4, 2009
UNC, as a signatory of the ACUPCC, has pledged to work towards becoming climate neutral. Currently much of the university’s energy comes from coal burning plants, so an important step towards neutralize greenhouse gas emissions is investing in alternative energy sources. To this end, UNC and Orange County have agreed…  UNC investing millions in landfill gas projectRead More »

“Green Energy” at UNC?

February 2, 2009
Tomorrow, Student Congress will decide whether to place the renewal of the $4 renewable energy fee on the upcoming ballot. If approved, this will be the third time that UNC students are able to directly decided the fate of clean, green, renewable energy at UNC. Thus far, this fee has…  “Green Energy” at UNC?Read More »

What’s your Walkability Score?

January 28, 2009
Non-motorized modes of transportation have been in the spotlight in sustainable circles lately and what better way to promote health, equity and decrease greenhouse gases all at the same time? Many not only make it a priority to walk, but also choose to live in walkable areas. Deciding how walkable…  What’s your Walkability Score?Read More »

New Orleans: Cleaner, Smarter

January 27, 2009
Few US cities have had to deal with such widespread devastation as New Orleans. And few other US cities have had the opportunity to rebuild in a “greener” way. So how is New Orleans taking advantage of that opportunity? Solar technology, green building jobs, weather stripping, compact fluorescent light bulbs,…  New Orleans: Cleaner, SmarterRead More »

Sustainability in YOUR course?

January 26, 2009
Would you like a representative from the UNC Sustainability Office to visit your class, lab, or club? The Sustainability Office is available to offer presentations and campus tours (max 20 people) that: Define sustainability Provide an overview of sustainable practices, policies, and curricula at UNC Highlight specific projects and achievements…  Sustainability in YOUR course?Read More »

Obama inaugural speech

January 23, 2009
Just in case you missed it, President Obama included the following paragraph in his inaugural address: For everywhere we look, there is work to be done. The state of the economy calls for action, bold and swift, and we will act – not only to create new jobs, but to…  Obama inaugural speechRead More »
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